Duelbits Casino Money Laundering: The Threat You Need to Be Aware Of

With the rise of online gambling, there’s no denying that it’s brought a lot of convenience and entertainment for avid gamblers. But, one of the downsides that people need to be aware of is the threat of money laundering. Duelbits Casino is one of the online gambling sites that have been a victim of money laundering. Read on to learn more about Duelbits Casino Money Laundering, and how you can protect yourself from it.

What is Duelbits Casino Money Laundering?

Money laundering is a process of hiding and “cleaning” illegal funds. Criminals use different methods to conceal the origin of their ill-gotten wealth, and some of them include placing gambles on online casinos where they can deposit dirty money and withdraw clean funds. Duelbits Casino is known to be one of the online casinos that have been victimized by such activities. Criminals sign up to gamble, then proceed to transfer the illegally obtained funds into the Duelbits account. They use the funds to gamble for a while before withdrawing it as legally obtained money.

How Does This Happen?

Duelbits Casino has a loophole in their operations. They don’t have strict regulations or a proper screening system that would flag dubious financial activities. It’s easy for anyone to sign up and place a large amount of money, without raising alarms from the online casino. This has attracted money launderers to the platform, as they can use it to clean their dirty money and escape detection.

How to Avoid Duelbits Casino Money Laundering?

As a responsible gambler, there are several things you can do to prevent yourself from being a victim of Duelbits Casino Money Laundering:

  1. Never play on sites with a poor reputation: Before signing up to play, do your research. Look up reviews and testimonials from other gamblers. A site with poor ratings is a red flag.
  2. Use sites that have a better screening system: Choose an online casino that has reliable and stringent screening processes. An online casino that is licensed, and has put measures in place to eliminate money laundering and identity theft is your safest bet.
  3. Don’t gamble with dirty money: The best way to avoid money laundering is to not have dirty cash in the first place. Gambling with clean money relieves you of the responsibility of being a party to money laundering activities.


Duelbits Casino Money Laundering is a sophisticated scheme that’s illegal and can land you in hot water if you’re implicated. It’s important to take measures to protect yourself, such as choosing a reputable and licensed online casino, avoiding gambling with dirty money, and researching the site thoroughly before registering. Being aware of these risks and taking these preventive measures will ensure you have an enjoyable and safe gambling experience without losing your hard-earned cash to money launderers.

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